Welcome to Twinblog.

This is a blog I’ve started for a very distinct purpose: to record and share my personal findings on twin souls, where such information may not be found elsewhere.

While I see there are MANY great links speaking to the basics of what twin souls are, my mission is to share the facts I am learning that go beyond the popular romanticism of twin souls.

(e.g. finding your one true soulmate, marrying, having kids, reaching enlightenment together forever etc.)

Twin soul connections are becoming stronger by the day as more and more happens in the world, and they include bonds between family members, different-sex and same-sex people (regardless of sexuality), friends, coworkers, and others.

I am learning that not only are twin souls a very real phenomena, but they represent something crucial about human relations in general. The more we ALL understand this legitimately ancient connection, the closer we may come to having true peace with one another. (In my belief, anyway.)

It’s up to you, the reader, to decide what resonates with you. I seek only to share my experiences so others can know these facts.